CyberOne Call Center can help your company establish a high-performing inbound call center, delivering excellent telephone, e-mail, and instant-messaging services to your company's customers every day, all-year-round. Whether your company needs five, twenty, or more than fifty English-proficient customer service representatives to handle technical support, product/service inquiries, order taking, and other services, CyberOne Call Center is the right partner for you.

CyberOne has extensive experience in setting up and operating inbound contact centers that handle one or more of the following tasks:

  • Technical support/troubleshooting
  • Order taking and order processing
  • Sales campaigns
  • Customer retention projects
  • Overflow calls from other in-house or external call centers
  • When you partner with CyberOne Call Center, we see ourselves as a part of your business, and we fully understand that our work for your company is a crucialpart of your customer-service strategy.

Quick and Easy Setup

We understand that outsourcing your call center services is a big decision, and we believe that we are the provider that is best suited for the job. We assure you that we will work closely with you every step of the way.
To guide the project, CyberOne Call Center has created a simple structured process covering all aspects of planning, setting up, and operating a cost-efficient offshore call center:

Lead Time: One (1) month, inclusive of recruitment and setup

  • Definition of client requirements
  • Recruitment process: sourcing, candidate interviews, and exams
  • Setup of call center environment
  • Systems integration (if needed)
  • Setup of KPIs/benchmarks and reporting procedures
  • Staff training
  • Trial period (including refinements, if needed)
  • Production/ continuous performance monitoring

Our Customer Service Agents (CSRs)

Our customer service representatives / agents are thoroughly screened and selected in adherence to CyberOne’s commitment to provide quality service. All our agents are graduates of Information Technology or any of its equivalent courses, and they must have at least two years’ experience working in Technical Support/Telecom/ISP call centers for American and Australian companies.

Armed with these credentials, our staff is fully capable of providing one-call total Customer Service Solutions, which covers technical support, account sales and acquisition, debt collections, technical troubleshooting, and the like. Moreover, our staff is self-motivated, easily taught, and very quick learners who are highly versatile in different areas of IT and BPO processes—which is perfect if you have custom business requirements that require further training for the agents who will be handling them.

Contact us today for a discussion on how to outsource your call center services.

Outsourcing of back office services as an integrated part of your inbound call centers will help your company streamline operations, cut down costs, and focus better on the growth and development of your core business. When you have decided to partly or fully outsource your customer service center, then the next step would be to also outsource the back-office services that are closely connected with the work of the call center agents.

CyberOne Call Center has extensive experience in handling back-office processing related to administration, accounting, customer service, data processing, market research, and other services. CyberOne can even take this one step further and assist your company with tasks such as proofreading / copy editing of documents, transcription, and various types of online marketing.

Contact us today for a dialogue on how you can utilize CyberOne Call Center for handling various back-office services.

CyberOne has over 300 seats available on a 24/7 capacity Our facility is connected to internet via redundant Telco providers and we have IT infrastructure in place to provide excellent quality voice calls for both outbound and inbound call center.

We provide computers and headsets, phone and PBX facilities such as Outbound Diallers, agent extensions and Music on Hold. For inbound services we can also provide additional functionality such as IVRs, Call Queues, Callback Systems, Call Recordings and Call Statistics & Reporting upon request.

Depending on the number of seats required, the lead time to establish the service is one to four weeks.

In addition we can source highly educated and experienced staff to fulfull your needs in areas such as Customer Service, back office tasks, secretarial, data encoding, web and creative design, SEO and online marketing as well as specialists in programming and software quality assurance, creative writing and proof reading.

We can also handle Recruitment, Training, Human Resources Management and Compliance, Payroll and Operational management allowing you to concentrate on core business activities.

Contact us today for a discussion on how to lease staff and seats required for expanding your operations.

PBX Facilities

  • Call Statistics & Report
  • Visual Live PBX Panel
  • Access to Past Call Recordings
  • Quality Voice Calls
  • Stable Connectivity to Australia


  • KPI – Key Performance Indicators
  • CSAT – Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Streamlined QA Process
  • Staff Development Procedure & Policies


  • Launchpad – Simplified one stop page for all tools of staff
  • TimeSheet – a stable system to ensure time management of staff
  • Knowledge base
  • Wiki