about us

CyberOne started out in 1995 as an Australian-based professional internet service provider (ISP), which simultaneously offered technical support and assistance to its Australian customers. In 2006, seeing the advantage and potential that the Philippines presented as an offshore destination, CyberOne decided establish an offshore call center in Makati City, the country’s central business district, while still servicing their own ISP clients.

Fast forward to five years: As of March 2010, CyberOne’s Philippine office has hit the ground running and is now delivering its services to other Australian ISPs as well. As a call center, CyberOne’s fifteen years of experience in the industry can speak for itself. Having directly handled customer issues and technical problems hands-on as an ISP, CyberOne has definitely earned its stripes in the contact center arena and is therefore fully capable of catering to whatever kind of contact-center services you may require. But we don’t have to stop there—if you need other outsourced solutions, CyberOne has expanded its offshore operations to include assistance with back office processes and administrative support, offshore staff leasing, and other related services.

Also, our technical infrastructure is fully scalable and flexible, covers all time zones, and comes with multiple points of presence in Asia, Europe, Australia, and Asia to ensure that your business requirements are met, no matter where your main office is or whether you are a small or medium-sized organization.

At present, CyberOne is run by an international team of entrepreneurs with almost twenty years of experience in the IT and BPO industry. With Danish entrepreneur Ole Ronberg and Australian businessman Maciek Mikrut at the helm, CyberOne currently has the capacity to grow up to 400 seats in two separate locations and consistently maintains an ever-increasing number of office based CSRs and agents connecting via virtual private networks (VPN) from home.

For inquiries about the company, our rates and services, and how else we can be of help to you, feel free to contact us today.

  • Quality, Western Managed Call Centre in the Philippines
  • Competitive Pricing for both Office and Home Based Agents
  • 300 Seat Capacity with continuing rolling expansion
  • Reliable and Scalable Network and Call Centre Architecture
  • Secure, PCI Compliant Facility
  • Follow the Sun Capabilities / 24x7 Operations
  • Over 10 Years experience in support of Call Centre accounts including customers like Sprint ,Globe Telecom , Australian ISPs / Telcos including One Telecom, TADAust Connect and CyberOne Pty Ltd, KFC , Thompson Cigars , Kenny Roasters
  • Over 20 years experience in Telecommunications and Networks